Pennsic XXVIIIIThe Abby battle

This was my first battle. I was completely unprepared. I only brought 3 arrows. A gentleman from the East loaned me 12 Very fine arrows. These arrows were packed hard with confetti, and had three fletchings. 12 arrows is not a lot, but luckily it was a resurrection battle, so we could glean arrows. I got to shoot about 40 times, and killed about 32 men, in 90 min. Most of which were the enemy. One arrow stuck to a fighters helm and would not come off. It looked really cool as he was walking around with the arrow sticking out of his head at the same angle that it hit. "Confirmed kill." Most people took the blows. I set the weapon to shoot these arrows sweetly, and when they ran out, I tried some other arrows that were lying about. Unfortunately, all of these "lesser" arrows fell short which caused deaths to my side. One man took it in the back of the head. One guy took it in the back, and then took it back to me. I felt bad, but it was a resurrection battle. Neither side ever occupied the building I was protecting.