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Here you will find a list of different arrows that I have used through the years and information about each one.

Listed newest first.

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Tennis balls are no longer used on SCA Combat Ballista Bolts

SCA Ballista Bolts

 Weighing in at 15.2 ounces and 48'' long, as good as the last one but now made of yellow gas pipe. A little cheaper to construct. As I suspected the marshal staff look quickly became taboo, and now all javelins are to be full yellow (and called "ballista bolts" again)


2005.jpg (18194 bytes)

SCA Javelin

 Weighing in at 15.9 ounces and 48'' long, to this date, the best combat ammunition I have ever shot. Unfortunately it looks just like a marshals staff, and I don't expect it to be legal for long. This is one of the renown "X-wing" class.

staff.jpg (16653 bytes)

My newest golf tube ammo tests have been with a single golf tube with a tennis ball, no fletching, and a 3/4'' PVC cap pressed in the nock. It is by far the best flying combat arrow I have shot. I don't know the "survivability" of this ammo, but it has half the cost and manufacturing time of my doubled golf tube arrows.

Unfortunately, this ammo is only good in cold weather. It tends to fold up in warmer weather. It is a good canidate for duct tape fletching, and worked very well from a 45 lb hand bow.

best.jpg (15246 bytes)

My 9.2oz combat arrow. 36'' of press-fit golf tubes, one tennis ball fiber taped on. It hits hard, and can take enough power strain to go 140+ yards

combat.jpg (29142 bytes)

Same construction but this one is marked in both red and yellow duct tape, for use in events in various Kingdoms.

biking.jpg (15340 bytes)

This beast was hand crafted by my brother it is 38'' long and weights about 2 pounds, and will totally tear up a whole row o' pumkins.

beast.jpg (20030 bytes)

This is an early experiment with 3/4'' PVC pipe as a shaft. It has a tennis ball tip but It was never used on a SCA field of combat. It flies fairly well but tends to be too rigid for an arrow shaft

pvc.jpg (12066 bytes)

5.8 oz target arrows, 36'' long 11/16'' in diameter. Max range, up to 220 yards. You get complete penetration of 50 tight layers of corrugated cardboard at 120 yards. And complete puncture of 16 gauge tailgate. They have "real" split turkey feathers, and by using the "right" wing feathers only, glued on straight at the quill, will give a sweet spin (about 30 spins per 100 yards),

target.jpg (10624 bytes)

One of my original bolts. This one is 18 oz, 18 '' long, 1'' in diameter. The range is about half that of the target arrow but, it will punch straight through a 75 dodge boogie van, and stick out the opposite side wall. It also split a wolmanized 2 x 12 x 20''.

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