This year we also made a new Entry Gate for our camp. It is a creation of Tomak's. He designed it from top to bottom, and made the molds for the vacuum former. We had to build a vacuum former big enough to accommodate a 4' x 8' sheet of ABS plastic. It is 40 feet wide and 21 feet tall. There is 234 separate pieces. This project took two years to complete. It takes about 8 hours to set-up. The design is based on a 16th century English cathedral.

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To see more of Tomak's works, visit Nethercraft Statuary.

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Due to the fact that we only had time to put a primer coat on, the color varies from one piece to another.

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Interior with vaulted ceilings and exterior view with "flying buttresses"

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Some nighttime exterior views

255-2.jpg (16780 bytes)

The "eye" seen from inside the cathedral.

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I do all the lighting for our gates, and this is one of the schemes that I tried at this war. This was accomplished with a single 11 watt, 10* bulb.

It proved to be quite popular.

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