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Please send me your address.  I would like to purchase Plans for your ballista.
I understand that your plans would allow a groups of soldiers to build an artillery piece from the middle ages, from scratch, with no pre- fab components.  I also understand that they would then be able to train to fire this device under field conditions. I believe that building and firing your device would be useful for the soldiers here to get some hands-on experience in Ballistics.  Our Training Manuals are excellent, but there is no substitute for Hands-On experimentation.

7th army training command
Rose Barracks
Vilseck, Germany

E-mails from individuals, some in the SCA.

Ya, Taught me well, Engineer/ Designer  and most of all good Friend.
If any of you can find the Guru of the Arbalest outside his cave try and sit
down and talk with him.  He's actually a really nice guy and will subtlety
teach you a lot. He is well worth the Pilgrimage at Pennsic to Shadow Clans.
(Never mind that they throw GREAT Parties.)

Can you please e-mail me information on sending you a check for the book and CD. I do believe that I was on the wrong end of one of your bolts at Pennsic 2002. I look forward to the information.

Other than thinking you a God, they would love to have you over sometimes at the Faires in your region. They served on my 2 machines and #3 at King Richard's and are in love with and building one of your beauties. Your legend grows! 
It's been proven that if you build Stock Box to your design, Prod, String, Draw length, etc., the bow shoots first time with in SCA specs. You really designed the Colt 45 acp of Siege Engines.


You have the honor of having built the FIRST Siege Engine ever demonstrated at the renowned King Richard's Faire in Carver Mass. Not only did the old Girl do herself justice, But for the rest of the season she will be a feature at the show.  The owner was most impressed and asked if we would become members of the Faire. The Knights made it abundantly clear that their National Touring Company would be honored to include this machine in the show. 

The Free Company were some of the victims on
the second bridge in from the castle at Pennsic XXXI.  Most of the time we
can duck/dock/weave away from bolts, but not yours.  They have
too much accuracy and a straight line trajectory.  

Damn.  I'm impressed.  You put a lot of work into those plans.
I'm REALLY looking forward to starting construction.  It very well may turn out
to be a 'household' effort on a couple of project weekends.

Nice info and background. Docmo Kincain has an excellent book and plans out for an Iron Prod Parapet style Ballista with even a wheeled Mount . Cost and time to build is a lot less than the Torque Arm type. He knows his stuff. Well worth the visit. Bought the plans. Worth every penny.

Hi, I got your card at Pennsic. I'm interested in getting plans for an arbalast; my household doesn't want to lose the arms race!

At our local meeting last night (11/14/00) we had a class on building a ballista featuring your manual.

I was told you are the one with the plans for the awesome
ballista's used at GULF WARS last year.  I am very interested in
getting a copy of the plans.

I thought that was you! (at Gulf Wars XXIX)   I recognized the engine from the picture on the front of the plans.   You were the only one who had a turnbuckle for precise elevation.
You were shooting people out of battlements, off towers, etc.  You just didn't
miss.   You're the reason I wanted to build a ballista. 

Hi, I am a junior in high school at a small school a couple miles from Springfield Illinois. My friend and I have decided to base our science fair project on ballistas. We have been reading up on your website for a long time and we realized you were one of the best guys out there to help us with this project. If you would write us back, I'd very much appreciate it. 

My friend and I are building a ballista for a school project and we were wondering if you could possibly send us a supplies list as while as a set of instructions on how to build it.