Field battle # I

The first few shots were the best. Fighters on the field were not accustomed to siege weapons that actually shoot 100 yards. (which is the legal limit) I could tell this because every one of them looked around to see if it was friendly fire that hit them. Afterwards a dead man came up to me and said, "I thought I was way out of range". HA-HA-HA.

Unfortunately, I had the engine mounted on a Indirect fire stand, and this hampered my movement and aiming times. I disconnected the elevation turnbuckle, to allow the weapon to be raised easier, but that left me with untried guesswork for aiming. I was still able to get two more fighters, before they got to my shield man, HAWK. Although it was truly a  valiant effort, he could not kill all 26 of them before they hit me.

Field battle # III

This battle was very short. I got two guys then I broke a wheel axle. That made the weapon pretty useless, so we carried it off the field.


Fort battle # I attack

This was awesome. I opened the main gates single handed in less than two minutes, with 3 direct shots. I would have got the towers next, but they were indestructible this year, so I turned on the occupants of the fort.

 Already being aimed at the door (which was now open) I was on target to get a bunch of fighters inside the door who never saw a flat shooting siege engine before. My next shot went through the crack as the marshals opened the doors. Then I set it to shoot 6 inches under the roof of the portcullis. this quickly cleared a deep crevice in the ranks. Out of visible targets, I aimed 6 inches over the front wall, and moved left and right for effect. Eventually, there was enough room for the enemy to move about freely inside so as not to get hit. Being winded at this point, I set the elevation near max, and let my wife Katelyn Rose, who had been loading for me all this time, shoot for a while. She was hitting people in the back forty that had hidden back there thinking they would be safe. We were getting low on ammo, so I decided to slow down and play sniper.

 I set the elevation to go directly in the battlement openings, this took a few shots at a few marshals to do, but once I got it, I had five points of entry at a low elevation.  I would load and wait. Eventually an impatient  archer or crossbowman would just have to peek out to get a shot off. It was a regular turkey shoot for me. After I got four of them, they caught on. They got together to conspire, and sent an assassin squad to kill me, but while they were mustering in the doorway I shot two of them. Disheartened, the rest gave up on the idea.

 Two more shots at people that forgot not to stand in my line of sight, and I was out of ammo. 64 rounds well spent.

Fort battle # II defend

This battle was short for me but special. I located myself to shoot out the front door at the masses, as soon as it opened. 30 seconds before the bell, I noticed that I was in direct line with a siege engine pointing through the left sally port. Being an avid Josey Wales fan, I swung around to meet the showdown. The call of lay on was made. Someone on my side crossed my path so I could not shoot first. The Redlegg's bolt fell short. Mine went left and took out three men deep. His second shot hit my wheel. My next three shots passed through his frame and cleared ranks behind him. After that we were basically alone and firing fast, and ducking hard. I got off about a dozen bolts, then I took an arrow in the right side from the open gates.

It was glorious.