1st field battle

Finally at last!! I am on the field with my Hunter Killer machine. It is mounted with a yoke on a folding, rolling tri-pod. I have been eagerly awaiting this day to try it out. 

IT WORKS GREAT! I was able to stay behind a shield wall and shoot, and still be able to move with them. I had many more targets to choose from, and could easily reposition to get better ones, like tall guys. I was able to fight for 7 minutes of a 15 minute battle, a definite improvement.

I started in the back so they would think that they knew my position. When the call of "LAY-ON" was made, I pushed up to the back of the shield line where I could shoot between the men. This was good because arrows fell in my previous position, The first shot hit a man four rows back, in the chest. The second took one in the shoulder. The third hit a dude in the forehead and ricochet so hard that it shot into the air about 30 feet, and came down nose first and hit another guy in the head. Two birds with one stone. At this time, the lines were engaged in combat, so I pulled back 10 feet or so and shot again. The first bolt hit open ground but the second hit a spearman. The next one was deflected by a tree, but still fell on the crowd. Six more arcing shots into the crowd and I had to move again, because I had too many incoming bolts. When I was set-up again, I noticed that A stationary machine on our side, that I had started out next to, had just been overrun (just like I was last year), and I laughed manically in my delight in having a highly mobile machine. The push from the left was very close and strong now so I turned to the right to advance (you can't shoot at fighters that are too close,) so I figured on popping a few on the right and pushing back into the corner to keep firing as long as I could. I was just about to set an arrow in when I get this loud thud from a Ballista bolt hitting me dead in the forehead. How cool is that!! There is something special about getting killed by a Siege Engine. You just know your dead. The Siege Engineer that killed me was very happy. His whole crew threw there hands up in victory, so there must be something very special about killing a Siege Engineer too.

Gotta make a lighter engine that cocks faster.


Fort Battle: Attack

This year was much different from last year's battle. It was decided that a ballista hit is not enough to damage a main door. I agree with this. Even the large ballistae of old that threw rocks, could not throw one big enough to decimate a heavy gate. That's OK, there were some guys all hyped up about their new battering ram.

I brought 3 engines on siege stands this year, There were three replicas of mine, a Catapulta and an Onager, so you can imagine the intensity of the missile fire. I don't think that for the first ten minutes, there was a time when there was not an arrow or five in the air. I know that my three crews launched about 100 in ten minutes. The people in the fort remembered the carnage from last year, and set about not being targets right from the gitgo, (I never saw one man the whole time,) so all you can really do is spray it everywhere. A little left, a little right, a little deep, a little short, a little close to a marshal, stick one in the branches of a tree, trash a few on the limbs, you know. So I get to 14 arrows left, and stop, because I know that it is getting roomy inside the fort, cause the side lines are filling up. The battering ram dudes were making their move so I turned to give them cover from the spearmen in the gateway, and so did four other engines. With our combined effort, the gate was opened, and four spearmen died in a matter of 12 seconds. I put a couple arrows into the doorway and I was empty. While checking for reserves, I found my crossbow and two quarrals. Suffering from "post ammo let-down" I grabbed them up and ran to the tree to do my best "Hang'em High" imitation. Well it doesn't take long to shoot 2 quarrals. All of a sudden, I have back-up, It's Rorik with a can of quarrals. All of a sudden, Rorik is killed by an arrow and is taking the quarrals to Valhalla. So I have to walk there to get them. And I find not one but two quivers stuffed with ammo. Just then the whole army rushed in, so I provided some cover from the spearmen. The fort was taken in 29 minutes.


Fort Battle: Defend

We were able to crowd 8 machines in the fort. You couldn't spit without hitting one. All the troops crowded in the back, mostly, so the engines could shoot freely. Not being able to see targets, I shot at the siege tower to keep the archers thinking twice about opening the door. I wish I  could of seen the faces of the guys inside the sieging tower when that first bolt hit. I kept moving my shots around, Got 4 through the battlements and I got a siege engineer, running a catapult (there is somthing special about killing a siege engineer. While these stands are stable, I was easily able to swing them around up to 180 derees, to fire elsewhere, and so was my other crews.  We moved so much that we got to a point where I was shooting between other machines. I swung around to shoot at a man in a battlement, when I realized that Johann had pulled back slightly to shoot at the right sally-port, and was in my path. Since he is my brother, I shot anyway. It passed within 6 inches of him, and I got my target, and every time he leaned back to fire I would shoot again, and I got three more, all the while shooting over Johanns bow. By now the gates were being rushed from both sides, it was hot, lots of holds, and I was tired, so I set about getting killed by a rock. They were coming in from the left, and I caught one after a bounce, but they wouldn't let me die, so I shot the rest of my ammo, and sat it out. The fort was never taken, and we even pushed outside and killed all the attackers.