My Hunting Arbalest

This is my most powerful and accurate weapon

It has put 6 arrows within a 4 foot radius at220yards.

It can stick an arrow into a Chevy S-10 tailgate at 50 yards. 

It can punch straight through an interior house door. 

 All the while using a 5.8 oz fletched arrow with a blunt target tip, and a recurve prod with 315 lbs. draw weight.

The heavy bolts can pass through the back door of a 1984 Yellow Taxi and through one side and stick in the other of a 1972 Dodge van if fired from about 60 feet, and It can split a wolmanized 2x6x18" at 30 feet.

The Folding Tri-Pod's third leg folds in half and up on the axle, the stock is nestled in the guides and the weapon can be wheeled away by the handle and set-up somewhere else in less than 1 minute. It has a "True movement" Quadrant for elevation, and a 30 degree traverse protractor. The plans for this stand are not available, But the prints for all of the weapons extras are included in My book

I just sold a  weapon on this stand with the quadrant for over $1500.

I wish to sell the weapon alone. It needs a new stock, but everything else is in order. If you are interested please E-mail me.

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