How to order


A Download costs $30.00.

Is that all you need?

A Flat Nut Hook $45

I highly recommend this item to everyone. It will save you aggravation and hours of work. This piece is crucial to accuracy and safety, and mine are precision laser-cut to perfection. While this part is makable by most any builder, most make the comment "I wish I would have bought it instead of having to make it".  They require only minor additional bending. And, only $30 with other purchase.

A CD and Flat Nut Hook $60

Helper Kit $90 

1 Back up CD
1 Bowstring
1 Flat Nut Hook

A Welded Windlass $90

welded windlass.JPG (853346 bytes)

This is a welded version of the windlass described in the book.

The Windlass you receive will have been sanded and painted.

Wooden Stock not included.

A Printed Book $45


A Bowstring $30

It is not difficult to make, you can get set up to make them yourself for about $35 the jig is easy to build  you will want to do this eventually if you keep this hobby long, you can find archery shops to make them for about $30-45 each. Either way it is nice to have a correct one to look at when you try to duplicate it. I sell them all day long for $30 . These bowstrings measure 55.5 inches long. Custom lengths are available.

Starter Kit $255 

1 CD
1 complete trigger system tested and tuned (Includes nut hook, nut loop, and hardware)
1 Bowstring
This kit reduces the metal working capability requirements, to simple drilling, hack-sawing and grinding.

There is a build time for a starter kit, up to 90 days. Please contact me for more information.

E- mail me and I will give you the information on where to mail a check.

You can Download my book for $30.00.

The file is available as a M.S. Word 2000 .doc or .pdf You make the choice at the time of download.

Once you buy the book, you are entitled to free updates.

And advice Via E-mail is always free.

 If you are interested in a complete weapon, parts, have more questions or just want to make a comment,

please send it to: