3rd Field Battle

I finally get to try my hunter killer version in a field battle. WOO-HOO!!! Having a yoke mounted weapon on a highly mobile stand, has got to be the best type of engine for this type of battle. I had four engines there so I decided to put two weapons on the field. A Direct Fire Stand, and an Indirect Fire Stand. The plan was to kill as many men on the advancing line as we could until the forces behind us could engage. Then the stationary stand would be abandoned (being useless after a couple of shots due to slow aiming speed) and the rest of the team would fight hand to hand, then I could pick and choose targets on a front, or pull back and harass the masses. This was the plan. Well, possibly due to the fact that most of the people interested in buying my book on how to build your own ballista, and most of the people that were impressed by how effective my weapons were at practice, just happened to be on the Easterner's side. So they had a plan too. KILL DOCMO AND HIS CREW IMMEDIATELY!! So they sent two units charging across the field at full tilt to "run down the guns". Our support units got there in time to engage all but two of the chargers. My shield man, Hawk, killed the lead man just before he crashed onto my engine. The second charger hit my engine and called me dead, So I was dead, only having got off 2 shots. Short but informative. I can't wait till next time I get into a field battle.


The mountain pass battle

This battle was much like the Abby Battle, two shield walls engaged. This means that my targets are changing range constantly, about 75 yards out and are only 6 feet deep. If I shoot too deep, I hit marshals (chalk up 3 more for Docmo). If I shoot too shallow, my guys get hit in the back. Being that the maximum range allowed, of a weapon, was 80 yards, and I could only advance 20 feet, and the wind was gusty (as always on this field), and even with the use of a spotter, a Ballista is not of much use. And since there is really no other targets besides the shield wall, I will probably skip battles of this nature in the future.

I setup two stationary engines at the furthest reaches of the boundary and had the hunter killer model at my side, loaded, in case they broke through and charged me again. (Being a main target, makes you paranoid). Three minutes before the battle, I was offered a volunteer crew to operate one of the machines. Being a firm believer in neglect and abuse testing, I jumped at the chance to see how well someone who had never seen my engines before would catch on. After a number of well executed shots, they bumped the trigger, causing a dry-fire and the string fell off. So we were down to one useful engine. I killed three as they advanced through my set range. and then tried to walk it back onto them (over the marshals), and did the best I could to keep hitting them. From reports by the resurrecting dead, my ratio was: About 40% them, 15% us,40% miss, and 5% marshals. I consider this good, but will still skip these battles in the future.


3rd Bridge battle

This looked like an even smaller mountain pass battle so I skipped it.



Castle Battle: Defend

This was fun. We had full unrestricted movement within the walls. I started further back from the wall to get an idea of what was going to be coming through the battlements. There wasn't much action so I pushed up to a window. I found that I had numerous targets within range, Unfortunately, they passed a rule that said "ballistae could not destroy a shield", which was all I could see. I managed to nerf a few helmets, but most of the shots were blocked by a shield, and the ranks were only two men deep. Meanwhile, at the other end of the castle, my wife, Katelynn Rose was tearing deep gouges in the ranks of attackers out her window. And Johann rolled his machine down to the front door and cut a "yellow with a red stripe" path to fame.

e175.jpg (86448 bytes)

 Not to be out done by my apprentices, I rolled right up to the window so I could shoot at the men working on the tunnel. (These guys on their knees, try to build a hay bail corridor to the wall of the fort, If they reach it, a second sally port opens in the wall.) No shit there I was, sniping me some ditch diggers, I'm just about to shoot, and all of a sudden I see a big black circle coming at my face, and then, all I see is the sky. Apparently I was about 4 feet from the wall, and spears can be up to 9 feet long which explains why I landed 5 feet back. I got up and managed to get to the rear so I could fix my helmet, and when I stood up I saw a yellow streak pass in front of me. It was Katelynn, shooting frantically at a wall of green tape coming at her. Trapped between my wife, one of my engines, and a wall of Tuchux, I decided that I was actually killed by that face thrust from the spear.


Castle Battle: Attack

For this battle, our general told us to position ourselves (three engines) in front of the sally port. We were to weaken the inner forces so troops could enter. 2 minutes before the cannon, we realized that we had no rear support, and were not going to get it in time. We relocated in a position where we could provide cover fire for our ditch diggers. When the cannon fired, a large volley of at least 15 arrows came at us from the fort. They had to shoot so high to reach us, that we could duck them. The arrows stopped. We laid into them fast and hard. Close to 10 bolts per minute from all the engines combined, until the ammo was low. Just then we got zapped by some crazy half/naked sum'bitch with a battle axe that had jumped out of the far tower window and snuck around our backs. Like a psychopachic clown, he then ran down the row of engines bashing the engines dead. Although he hit the weapons hard on the trigger mechanism, there was no damage. We resurrected, and were back at it again. Then I saw a group of commanders standing at the rear barrier, so I locked in on them. Go figure I got the General and two of his aids. We ran out of ammo just as our sappers hit the wall, so we sat back and watched the carnage.