3rd Bridge battle

Well the plan was to line up all 23 of the Midrealm's engines on one shore so that we could shoot broadside at the northernmost bridge. The plan worked well,  Whatever the siege engines did not kill, the spearmen did. The enemy was so distracted by siege, that they failed to watch out for spears. The opposing force redirected many men in order to break through and destroy our engines but every man that set foot on the bridge, died. We cleared and occupied the bridge in 6-1/2 minutes, a new Pennsic record.

But that is not what I came here to tell you.

Having one of the longest range engines, I chose to take the furthest position from the bridge. I found myself at a obstructed angle. I would not have a clear shot until the skirmish line moved towards the opposing side. Just then I saw that my Lady, Katelynn Rose Kincain, on the engine 2nd to my left was taking ballista fire from all three of the Eastern engines. I looked across the field and saw LITCH. Litch belongs to my long time protégé and friend  Graywolf. He is also now the Siege General of the Eastern Kingdom. The day before at Siege inspections, I showed him my newest engine mounted on my Leader tripod, so I correctly assumed that he was targeting this engine, thinking it was me. But alas, it was not. My Lady wanted to shoot the new machine, so be it. Graywolf and I have been trying to engage on the field of combat for years, but have never had the chance. Well now we did. The gauntlet was dropped years ago, and I aimed to pick it up today. So with my bloodlust surging, I disobeyed a direct order from the General, and targeted Litch, after all, I had to defend my Lady's honor. It was a stretch but I was just able to drop many rounds on Litch's position. After I killed the Engineer, my heart filled with glee. Eventually the machine was re-manned, so I killed the new Engineer. During a hold, my general came over to redirect my fire at the bridge, where I was supposed to be shooting, but as soon as "lay on" was called, Litch and company continued to fire at my Lady, so it was back on again. I continued to shoot until I had killed four engineers. The machines were not manned again. I turned to shoot at the bridge and got one of the last archers, then it was overtaken. As I started to roll to the next bridge to shoot, it was taken. I found myself waiting in a 23 engine long line to go to the next bridge to shoot, and that's how it went until the field was clear. After the battle I walked over to Litch to get my gauntlet but found out that Graywolf was not fighting today, he was out sick, and had ordered his crews to fire upon my new tripod machine. DAMN!! Oh well, I'll find him someday, 

I don't want him dead, I want to kill him.


Castle Defend

Finally, I've been awaiting this day for a long time. My Lady and I each get a prime sniper position in the west tower, shooting broadside at the causeway, (a bridge represented by hay bales over a moat in front of the "snowfence") We set up inside the tower in such a way that our bodies were behind a crenellation and the machines were below the line of sight of the men on the field. We each had a second crewman holding a shield over the openings to our left. We were ordered to fire at the fighters on the causeway, in volley with the other engines that were shooting blind over the castle into the causeway. It was tremendous and horrific. The sky had darkened and turned yellow this day. The shear numbers of siege rounds shot in the first 10 minutes of battle, left a nearly impassable pile in the causeway. Approaching fighters were forced to remove them manually. I stayed with the volley until I noticed that the fighters in the causeway had the trajectories of the engines figured out and were leaving gaps for the rounds to come in. I also noticed that I was hitting less when I stuck with the volley fire. And yet another threat, the advancing army was indeed advancing. I did a little math and realized that if I did stay with the volley fire, My Lady and I would die with 30 bolts each in our quivers. So once again, I was forced to supercede my orders, So as the Ranking Engineer of my sector and the Supreme commander of my unit, Baron Von Docmo's Red Raiders, I gave the order to fire at will. This order is always followed to the utmost of passion with my ranks. So we let go with about five rounds a minute each for as long as we could, pausing only to wait for someone to step into target, or to adjust the trajectory into a crowd that until now thought they were in a safe zone, and holds of course. There was so much missile fire on the causeway that the fighters did not know which way to watch out for it. Many a man was hit blindly. One fellow with a red plume on his helm sloughed a shot to the ear, oh well that happens. Maybe he didn't realize it was a ballista bolt, OK I'll give him another one, POW, nothing. This guy must have a belt, BAM, still no good. Damn, this guy must be a god. I know, put one under his breast plate. THUD, that got'em.                            I noticed that the tower was getting more and more roomy. There was significantly less people around than before. I looked at the ground and saw a pile of ballista bolts and assorted small arms missiles. We indeed had been identified and targeted, but in our positions we could not be hit. You couldn't say the same for anyone else in the tower. There were several ballista bolts that flew right between me and my marshal. I looked out of the window saw that the engine that was targeting my tower was one of my design, in fact, it was one that I helped tune earlier in the week, and was doing quite well trying to kill me. (That's a strange feeling). While any other day I would gladly have turned to engage him, but he already had his range judged, and I would have to move the engine within the tower, since a good warrior chooses his battles, on with the slaughter. Oh look, the guy with the red plume on his helm is back. ZOMBIE !!!!!!!!!!!!! THUD. got'em with the first one, do zombies learn?       About this time My Lady's crew man is killed by ballista bolt. With only 10 rounds between us, the approaching army just around the corner, no hope of finding a replacement crew man, she bows down and walks off the field.         "You Killed My Mate", "Dying Time Is Here", I abandon the steady stand I was shooting and take up the late lady Katelynn's tripod of doom. I got ten shots at payback. No two shots were in the same place and no shot was a miss. Up and down the causeway and even some on the shore. I even got one more on the red plume. It was indeed a good day.           Until now, my crew man, Kernel Badgermonkey had been more than content to block the window from missile fire and spears, and to rant constant taunts over the wall, but now he is screaming "DOWN MO DOWN". Instinctively I drop to the ground and pull the weapon over me. I look up and Badger is trying to fend off a spear attack that is somehow coming over the wall horizontally, hitting my engine. (The East must have hired a giant to kill me.) I looked at the east sally port and saw blue tape zombies forcing around the corner, looked at my empty ammo can, my only offensive weapon now was Badgermonkey, and he just got skewered. I chose to walk off and be reunited with My Lady Katelynn in the after life.



Castle Attack

Before the battle, my general walks up to give me my orders, I fully expected that he was going to razz me about my insubordination again, instead he commended me for my valuable assessment of a situation. We both agreed that I had a deadly position in that tower and that if the East were to copy it, it would be bad. He said that my new orders were to kill gunners and engines, and he is going to give me full discretion on targets of opportunity and amnesty for disobeying volley fire. I told him that I knew the killing angles of the tower, and could take it. He said "whatever you want Kill, Kill, Kill" I positioned my self where I could shoot through a crenellation and into the corner of the sally port where the fighters come around. This gave me a kill zone that was 2 feet wide and 20 feet deep, and half of it was in a bottle neck. Traditionally the towers are filled with spearmen, one of the most valuable weapons of war, so that they may kill over the walls, and this is what the East did.. Bad mistake. I started shooting at the men hanging out of the windows. I must have killed five before they caught on and stayed inside. But they were not safe yet. Understand that I rarely shoot at what I can't see, and I can hit anything I can see. I know for certain that I hit over 25 men. Whether I had killed them, they had fled, or were killed by our men at the sally port rather than face the guns, I could not see any bodies in the tower. I then zeroed in on my original deep kill zone, knowing that there is always fighting at that corner, I kept plinking away until I saw our men clearing the corner. My job here was done so I started to look about for other targets. I tried to lead the troops in by shooting in front of them, but the scene was soon unclear. Just then my general came by and I said that I needed a new fire mission, my last one was completed. He said "Put everything you can, as fast as you can on that purple commanders flag". I love it when he talks like that. Within a couple shots My Lady and I were on target, then it was six rounds a minute each on the flag. Oddly enough the flag started moving around the interior of the castle, desperately. For not only was I shooting at it, but the whole of the Midrealm siege array was targeting it. The battle ended. The Midrealm had taken the castle faster than the East, and faster than ever before at Pennsic. The Eastern engines were destroyed within the first ten minutes. Nobody know who got them, but I heard that they were killed by a hail of yellow bolts.