This page has pictures of the many variations that have come to be.

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litch01.jpg (212741 bytes)

Graywolf's Litch

litch02.jpg (170516 bytes)

Graywolf's Litch

litch03.jpg (57235 bytes)

Graywolf's Litch

galloper01.jpg (102019 bytes)

Oscar's Galloper

galloper02.jpg (82028 bytes)

Oscar's Galloper

thirst oscar.jpg (92819 bytes)

Oscar's Thirst

allensengine.jpg (72570 bytes)

Allen's Engine


draconis.jpg (212904 bytes)

Graywolf's Lady Draconus

A Docmo Kincain original #03

ravenclaw web 1.jpg (207294 bytes)


OSCAR3.jpg (47459 bytes)


oscar 1.jpg (86182 bytes)